Summer Camp Art Show

7 Jul


Art Camp 2012 is ova!  I am officially on vacay and I am thrilled!  We did an art show this year and invited all the parents.  It was really nice.  I decided to have the kids set up all their art work on long paper strips on the floor, rather than set everything up on tables.  It was really cool I think.  It’s also so nice to see how much the kids did in only 8 days.  I think they are going to have so many new ideas and inspiration for at home crafting, which was one of my goals.  I remember telling my mom I was bored ALL THE TIME when I was little.  No bored campers here!  (sorry the pics are a bit blurry.  i was seriously rushing before all the parents arrived.)

Summer projects include; glitter art, Holton Rower paint pours, Laurel Birch painted cats, Laurel Birch sculpey cats and popsicle stick puzzles, panda family portraits, straw weaving, gelatin prints, tin foil sharpie drawings, Artist Trading Cards, heart collages, sculpey roses, hot air balloons and yarn peg people.  Whew, what a summer.





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