I sure did miss you, Rose Bowl

13 Aug

I came down with a bad case of bed rest over the past few days.  Anemia and 100 plus degrees turns out not to be the best combo for a prego like myself.  My 30 day countdown to the Rose Bowl ended in minor devastation, as I painfully surrendered to the fact that there was no way I could make it, no matter how hard I tried to convince Ev the night before.  He compassionately pointed out that I could barely walk to the bathroom, never mind the long walk in the blistering heat from the parking lot to the vintage section to the left of the main Rose Bowl entrance I like to call heaven on earth.  So, alas, I stayed home.  In bed.  Learned how to use Fuzel Pro.  And pinned my little heart out.

I will see you again, Rose Bowl.  But not yet…not yet.

One Response to “I sure did miss you, Rose Bowl”

  1. Court August 14, 2012 at 10:23 pm #

    We didn’t go either!! Too hot for pregos!

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