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Meri Cherry has moved!

12 Apr

Hi Everyone! Meri Cherry has moved! Please update your bookmarks to Current subscribers will receive an email notice to confirm subscription to the new web address. Be sure to confirm your subscription to my site to continue to be notified of new posts. Thank you so much for reading along! – Meri Cherry

Alien Army Strikes Again – Sculpey Tinfoil Alien Figure

26 Mar

sculpey alien figureIt’s been over three years since I created Alien Army.   Since then, I have created over two hundred unique Alien Army figures for kids of all ages to enjoy.  Their mission is simple, to save the universe one planet at a time.  This year, my goal is to make Alien Army a household name.  In the meantime, however, I made a larger scale Alien Army figure for Gigi to play with.  I can’t wait to hear her say “ooooh” when she sees it.  It’s about three inches tall, which is pretty big compared to the originals, which are only about an inch.

sculpey alien figureI chose to make an alien but you can make anything using this technique.  It’s great because you can make larger sculptures without using too much sculpey.  First, mold the tin foil into the shapes you will need for your figure.  You can make one big shape or individual shapes that stick together later, like I did above.  Mold the tinfoil just like you would the clay.  It doesn’t have to be exact.  When you start placing the sculpey you can add whatever details you need.  For mine I made two tinfoil balls about an inch each and a disc for the cap part.  Then I covered each in a thinnish layer of pink sculpey.  I pressed them all together and then pressed the figure down on the table so it would form a flat bottom.  I like my aliens to be able to stand.

sculpey alien figure

details12Then I added all the details with small balls in different sizes.   I baked her in the oven at 275 for about 20 minutes.  Now she’s hard as a rock and waiting patiently for Gigi to get home.  Yay.

sculpey and tinfoil alien army figureThis particular alien is a member of the Hatfield family.  She has a few brothers and sisters, a mom and a dad.  I hope to make the whole collection on this scale over the next few days.  Her one inch counterparts will soon be available on my etsy shop, along with this super cool Alien Army poster.

Alien Army Over the Rainbow

4 Jan


Alien Army Slippers

2 Jan

Some new aliens are in town for the holidays.  My kindergartners named them Slippers.  Sounds good to me.  In person they are really great because you can easily slip your finger on each one and move them around.  Hence the name.  Coming soon to my easy shop which is currently in the making.  yay.

Oh Snap. New Alien Army Logo

2 Dec


And this is why crowdspring rocks.  Thanks to Norbert Demeter for the amazing design.  Poster coming soon.

Alien Army Incentive For Work of Art Challenge

15 Nov

Anyone who participates in the art challenge listed here will receive 10 unique Alien Army guys compliments of MOI.




Sculpey Tic Tac Toe Boards

31 Oct

I teach a sculpey class after school twice a week.  It’s been a few years now, so coming up with new ideas can get a little rough.  I want to do a checkerboard with the kids but decided 25 kids at once and no assistant making checkerboards equals not so much fun.  So I nixed that idea for a simple Tic Tac Toe board.  Instead of x’s and o’s we just made round discs in two different colors.  The kids really liked them.  It will be fun to watch them play with them after they are baked.  The boards, not the kids.  Ha.  I’ll probably find some small mesh drawstring bags to hold all the pieces or Altoid tins maybe.  Fun project and really simple for all ages.  I have kids 5-12 in my class.

Some of the kids opted to make Alien Army instead.  I really like this one.  After 200 it’s always nice to see a fresh shape.